Thursday, June 2, 2011

Display hooked up

I set off last week to disregard further examples and acquire an LCD display.  The wiring of the arduino to the LCD screen was not a problem.  This pin goes here for x-color display, etc.  The rub was learning how to solder.  I soldered about half of the pins before I found a rhythm, so I had doubt lurking in my mind when I connected the few power cables.  The LCD flashed on immediately!  Success!  On to connect the 10 or so data cables and.... nothing.  Check/recheck.  Nothing.

I decided to call a friend to get some advice.  Through his sagely countenance I was able to glean a better idea of how to correctly solder the joint.  I went back through to reheat the joints to make sure that the pin and contact were at the proper temperature, to avoid a cold solder, and generally check the integrity of the solder.  Everything went better then expected.  (I made this beautiful drawing with my finger)

I realize now that I am going to need some more room.  I need to figure out how to get this display wired to a breakout board so I can connect the clock to the arduino.  Next goal:  Output the correct time to the LCD display.

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