Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oh oh oh! Ardiuno just got here!

The Arduino arrived this week with lots of little bitty pieces.  Lots. of. pieces.  Never fear!  I managed to create a completely useless binary dice game!

Ok, somehow, I still need to turn this into a completely awesome aquarium controller.  Seeing as my LCD touchscreen came in, I'm going to deviate from the tutorial's recommended exercises of adding more LEDs (boring) or a tilt sensor (less boring, but not helpful) and hook up the LCD screen to output the roll of the dice.  A little progress is better then no progress!


  1. Nice!

    You should add one of these to the project's list so that you can automate frag plug production:

  2. Thats awesome! I was at Railsconf in Baltimore the other week and some guys had built a Makerbot 3d printer.

    Never even considered that frag plugs could be made from that. :)

  3. Nice. I love the DIY CNC/3D printer stuff!